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2011 Annual Symposium on Health Care Services in New York: Research and Practice

On October 12th, 2011, Benjamin K. Chu, M.D., Group President, Kaiser Permanente Southern California and Hawaii, and President, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Region, discussed best practices of patient centered medical care during the keynote session of the 22nd Annual Symposium on Health Care Services: Research and Practice. Approximately 250 researchers, policymakers, clinicians, and administrators attended the Symposium, which was sponsored by the GNYHA Foundation and the United Hospital Fund (UHF). The focus of the 2011 Symposium was what New York could learn from the experiences of Kaiser Permanente Southern California in improving patient and community health by expanding the responsibility of all staff and focusing on the service experience for patients.

Dr. Chu outlined his experiences at Kaiser Permanente Southern California and their capitated model, as both an insurer and deliverer of patient care. Through the implementation of system-wide electronic medical records, Kaiser Permanente Southern California has developed the capacity to sort patient information and create registries, highlighting gaps in care when they occur. Additionally, by encouraging cultural change and establishing collective goals between clinical and non-clinical health care workers, Dr. Chu discussed the systematic change that has resulted in increased patient self-management rates of high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as improved staff moral.

The Symposium also included three concurrent roundtable discussions on the key issues in patient centered medical care—community-based organizations and chronic care management, health information technology, and primary care resource areas. The roundtable sessions were facilitated by New York State leaders in care management initiatives and included brief presentations by experts who have been working on implementing community health care models.

Collaborating Partners

The Symposium is organized in collaboration with leading health services research institutions in the New York metropolitan region, each of which is represented on the Symposium Planning Committee.

The Symposium is organized in collaboration with:

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